The Light In My Heart

The Light In My Heart

    By: Michael A. Franciotti

The Light in My Heart

The Light in My Heart

The Light in my Heart has grown dim with time.

Now I have turned the corner past many a destiny Unknown.

The narrows, the valleys, the mountains, all greatly Contributing to a bright future, now dimming.

Saddened am I not!

I have cultivated my springs till they are now, mighty and Bold on their own. Now, contributing to springs of their own.

The future of my destined path is plain to be seen. I can proudly exhale.

As I lay my head upon your lap, my confidence rises

My light though dim feels stronger than many years past

I have found my peace in the bosom of your soul.

The moments of time left in my heart, are strengthened with

The memories of the light your heart has shared with me.

Saddened am I not!

The Light in my Heart

Time is an expensive commondity.  So don’t waste it.  While the light in your heart is still burning brightly, take full advantage.  The light in my heart symbolizes your life energy, intensity, and desire, for the goals and direction you chose.  Don’t allow outside sources deter you from your dreams and goals.  Keep your mind-set strong and perceivere through the hard times.  However, never regret the roads you choose.  Your destiny is already chosen for you.

The Light In My Heart